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Vox Repair Results

Speaker reconing can turn your sad speakers into happy new sounds. See this Vintage Vox 12″ speaker which has been restored to new through the magic of The Speaker Exchange.

We can repair all guitar speakers like this and most other home, pro or PA speakers as well.vox 12 vox 12-1 vox 12-2

In addition, we can show you how to do it like the pros. Check it out and contact us if you need more info.


Speaker Repair “No No”: What Not To Do

When you recone a speaker you must set the spider and cone level. In our speaker reconing instructions, we advise that you gently turn the spider once it is in place to insure it returns to level.Someone obviously missed the memo while reconing this Electro-Voice EVX180. As you can see the spider is not level. Sunken spider causes the voice coil to be set too low which results in minimum excursion and often breaking of the bottom of the voice coil former. In this case, it also caused the voice coil to cone bond to break. No worries though. We will use genuine EV replacement parts and work our magic!

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


What is Speaker RECONING?

What is Speaker RECONING”

Speaker Reconing is the replacement of all the moving parts in the speaker frame.

When a speaker is originally made, a frame is attached to a magnet. A voice coil, spider, cone (with surround), tinsel lead, dustcap and, in most cases, gasket is installed.  The magnet is then charged.

Speaker Reconing is the removal of all the original above mentioned moving parts, and then the reinstallation of new parts in the original speaker frame.

If the original manufacturer’s parts are still being made, then reconing returns the speaker to EXACT new specification. (For example, this is true with many JBL and Electro-Voice + other brand models.)  If the original parts are no longer being made, then reconing repairs the speaker as close as possible to the original.

Sometimes new parts are an improvement over the original due to changes in manufacturing techniques. Older parts often used paper voice coil bobbins. New voice coils can be made of aluminum, capton, etc and dissipate heat better.  Speaker wire has changed, adhesives, cone materials, etc.

Changes can also be purposely made. We could use stiffer or taller spiders which will allow less or more excursion as desired. You can change a foam edge cone to a Cloth edge or all paper cone to avoid a future dry rot issue or just to change from a stereo woofer to a PA woofer. We can change from 4 ohms to 8 ohms, and the list of possible alterations continues.

Sometimes changes are a necessity. If it is not possible to find the exact parts originally used in a vintage speakers because they are no longer being made, we match as closely as possible with the current parts available.   Also many of the speakers produced overseas have metric parts that were never made available. When we recone, we match to the closest standard size parts that can be found.

Each and every moving part can be changed to alter the sound. Will you hear the differences” Sometimes. This all  depends on what changes are requested and how well you hear.


How To Open Cone Throat for Larger Voice Coil

Use voice coil to outline the voice coil opening required on the cone. With a utility blade or exacto knife, cut cone throat to desired size. Smooth and enlarge the opening with the back of thumb nail until voice coil passes smoothly through the opening. If two cones require vc enlargement, use first cone as a template for second cone.

cone- open larger vc size 001

cone- open larger vc size 002cone- open larger vc size 008 cone- open larger vc size 004cone- open larger vc size 003cone- open larger vc size 005cone- open larger vc size 007 cone- open larger vc size 006




Speaker Sales & Service

nebraska front doorWe’re all about Speakers! Family Owned and Operated, we have been All About Speakers since 1977. We Sell and Professionally Repair and Restore Speakers, especially the hard to repair vintage components. Whether a stadium or a stereo, our vast experience, excellent customer service and in-depth industry knowledge makes The Speaker Exchange® the International first choice for 100% guaranteed satisfaction in all things Speaker.

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