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Cleaning Debris from Voice Coil

If your speaker makes a scratching or buzzing noise that you can hear when you gently and evenly move the cone up and down, one problem might be dirt in the voice coil gap. There are other things that can also cause a speaker to buzz, but if you have isolated it to dirt in the gap, then you can try to clean it out.

Remove the dustcap or center dome, and insert a piece of tape in between the inside of the voice coil former and the magnet pole piece. You must inch it down the former a small amount at a time and then rotate 360 degrees to try to get the loose dirt to attach to the tape. Gently remove and try again.


This will work for debris on the inside of the vc former. If there is debris on the outside of the former, you can try to evenly lift the cone to the highest excursion point and then use the tape in the same way.

If you cannot remove the debris, then the speaker will need to be reconed so the gap can be more thoroughly cleaned.


Gene’s Speaker Repair Words of Wisdom

Gene has been Reconing Speakers at the Speaker Exchange since 1987.  He is the PRO!!!

If you have Vintage speaker repair that require that certain “touch”, Gene is your man. He can work miracles. Needless to say, standard speaker repairs are no problem for him.

Here are Gene’s thoughts about his many years of Speaker Repairs:

What is your favorite speaker repair” Gene: “EVM12L because it is pretty standard”

What is the strangest speaker you have ever repaired: Gene: “I don’t remember the brand name, but it had a flat panel on top and four voice coils in the magnet. It is so unique, I’ve only seen it that one time”.

What is the hardest speaker repair” Gene: “That’s got to be the Ohm F. I have to reuse the cone and keep it intact and there are always some dings that I have to try to smooth out. They take alot of time and attention to detail”.

What is the oldest speaker you have repaired” Gene: “Probably a 1930’s field coil. It might have been a Philco, but I could be wrong. It had the old spider that really looked like a spider (editors note: old spiders were not made from cloth. they were hard paper with arms that looked like record spindle inserts).

What’s your favorite sounding speaker” Gene:  “Tannoy. Got to to be Tannoy. High end Tannoy. They are machined the best and have been around since before World War II.”

What is your least favorite speaker repair” Gene: “Anything old and dirty and rusted that I have to sand and clean and mess with”.

So Gene, what do you think about speakers” Gene: “They’re magnetic.”

Can you tell, Gene is a man of few words with a very dry sense of humor”