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Ohm F Speaker Repairs


Ohm F speaker repairs fall into the Specialty Catagory. These repairs require quite alot more time (and patience) than a standard refoam or recoil.

How We Repair: We are able to replace the 12″ foam surround on the outside edge of the cone, and we now replace the foam on the inside narrow end of the cone  throat with felt. If you want to DIY refoam these speakers, the kit we use is the RFK128 JBL (alternate options are RFK12 JBL2214 or RFK12 Angle), but be prepared to  dedicate some time to accomplish this repair.

We can also replace the voice coil. In order to replace the voice coil, we must also replace the spider and surround (how to identify speaker parts), but we must reuse the original  cone body. This repair can only be successful if the cone body is not dented or damaged and can take a few hours to a few days. The installation of the new spider can require that we center the voice coil without shims which can require multiple attempts as corrections are made. The original Ohm F voice coils were 4 ohms and flat wound and we can now repair with the same voice coil.  Again, I stress, to complete either  repair, the remaining original cone must be in good condition and cannot be dented or damaged.

Click here for Pricing and more InfoOur turnaround time for most standard repairs is 2-5 days, but the turnaround for these speakers can be 1-3 weeks.  For more info and pricing.

Sending the speakers: When packaging these speakers, it is best to keep them mounted on the wooden base. Do not wrap anything around the cone or struts. They  are both easily damaged. We suggest packaging the speakers in a tight fitting carton,  cushioning the box with bubble wrap or foam (no shipping peanuts) and then  double boxing. Insure well!