How do Speakers Work?

A speaker converts electrical energy to mechanical/acoustical energy. It uses a coil of wire, which acts as an electromagnet, set inside of a magnetic gap of a permanent magnet. The following demo shows the main components of a woofer. Holding your cursor over the individual buttons will highlight the respective component. Clicking on the button will […]


DCM Time Window 6″ Recone

We recently reconed these 6″  AD7066 from a DCM Time Window. The woofers received new cones and surrounds, spiders, voice coils (original vc is shown) and leads. We reused the original polypropylene dustcap, but we can replace with a larger one if preferred. This is just one of the many different model of Time Window Speakers we […]


How To Refoam Your Speaker: Instructions

You will need: refoam kit (foam, dustcap, shims, contact glue), utility knife, masking tape 1. Remove speaker from the cabinet.  Mark the wires and terminals (positive and negative) before you remove the component so you will remember how to correctly re-install it in the cabinet. The old foam can be messy and sticky so work on […]


How To…

We have one of the most comprehensive How to guides on the web. Let us guide you to a happier repair experience. How to Identify Parts of a Speaker How Does a Speaker Work How Does UnderPowering Cause Damage How To Install A Diaphragm How To Clean the Voice Coil Gap How To Order DIY Recone […]


Boston Acoustic 10″ Refoam Repair

This particular model Boston Acoustic 10″ woofer uses the RFK10 Boston. Other 10″ Boston woofers use the RFK10 Angle. Refoaming with the straight edge attach foam is much more difficult than using the flat or angle attach foams. This is what a successful Boston Refoam looks like. We reused the original dustcap because the customer […]


Cerwin Vega 122D2 Refoam- Before + After

12″ Cerwin Vega 122D2 speaker with old foam cleaned from the cone and frame (gasket is on frame) New RFK12 RED Foam is added and Dustcap Replaced to get Finished Speaker Refoam Repair. This is the same repair you would use for any refoam repair whether a different CV model or another brand like Infinity, […]


Our Mission is Simple

Our goal is to educate and inform about speakers and their repair, design, and ways to optimize and use.

What We Do

We are The Speaker Exchange®, world renowned speaker repair experts. This blog site is an information resource focused on the loud speaker repair and replacement needs of general audio enthusiasts, audiophiles, and professional sound engineers. We research and report on replacement parts as well techniques to recone, refoam, or re-design speaker woofers, diaphragms, cones, horns, drivers, electronic parts for JBL, Electro-Voice, Polk, Kef, Infinity, McIntosh, Adam Audio, Cerwin-Vega, Peavey, QSC and many more.

Why, You Ask?

Talk to any audio enthusiast and you will hear them glow when they discuss their loudspeakers. Replacing the blown or damaged speakers we all love can be either very expensive or even impossible for vintage sets. With some know-how, speaker parts can be easily replaced or repaired, making the valued speaker as good as new. Many speakers of significant worth are left out with the trash even though they merely need a few parts, care and attention.