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Infocomm 2015 was much bigger and busier than ever.  The sights and sounds can be overwhelming. Lots of amazing signage and very very large screen video. The Audio Pavilion was small but significant. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones. For those who cannot attend, here are a few of the […]


Tannoy Price Increases Coming Late November 2014

If you were thinking of repairing your older Tannoy speakers or purchasing new Tannoy dual concentric drivers or parts, then listen up. Effective November 22, 2014, Tannoy will be increasing their parts prices. I’ve been reviewing some of the changes and they are considerable, from 50-300%, so if you are thinking of purchasing any parts, […]


Surrounds. Foam, Butyl + Cloth

There is now a large selection of surround for your Do-It-Yourself speaker repairs. Surround Kit Spec Sheet List If the only problem with your speaker is that that the surround has been damaged, then you can replace the cone edge and rock on. You can watch a how to video and then order the parts you need from The […]


Cerwin Vega, Another New Chapter

As you may or may not have heard, Cerwin Vega has changed ownership. We documented their original history last year in Cerwin Vega –From the Beginning, but now there is a new chapter to this popular speaker’s legacy. Gibson USA (yes, the guitar company) purchased both Cerwin Vega and KRK in 2012. They have made […]