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Knowing Cone Drivers: How They Work

Knowing Cone Drivers: How They Work, Understanding Key Data & Specs What’s really going on with woofers, and what are the important factors in how they perform as well as how they impact the performance of loudspeaker systems (Editor’s Note: Eminence Speaker LLC also contributed to this report.) Cone drivers (also referred to as woofers […]


Gender Hearing Differences

In a study of 350 newborn baby girls and boys, Professor Jane Cassidy at Louisiana State University found that girls hearing is more sensitive than boys; especially in the 1000- to 4000-Hz range which is the range most important for speech discrimination. Subsequent studies confirmed that girls hear better at higher frequencies and have determined that […]


What’s Old is New Again

JBL is getting ready to launch the new Everest DD66000. It is well named because of its size. This speaker’s size compares to most speakers as Mt. Everest does to hills. The projected price range is $60-70,000.00. The DD66000 has two 15-inch Aquaplas coated woofers. JBL first used Aquaplas in the 1980’s as a laminate […]


Under Powering Can Cause Speaker Damage

Any speaker can be damaged with too much power. Low Power Can Damage all speakers, but especially High Frequency Units. A loudspeaker system capable of handling 100 watts should have a high frequency unit capable of handling 10 watts. If the high frequency unit is rated at 20 watts there should be a 100% safety factor. Using an lower […]


Don Lindich: Consumer Advice

Q: In preparing our living room for the new additions, I was moving some 1978 vintage Advent Bookshelf speakers. To show my 5-year-old son what a speaker looked like, I removed the front grill and found that much of the “foam” that surrounded the woofer had disintegrated. Because of its age I assumed that was […]


Damaging your Speakers is Easy

If treated properly, speakers will work for decades although there can  be some wear and tear issues because they do have moving parts.  We get many perplexed customers with damaged speakers. How did it happen”  Common problems: 1-      Over or under powering. You can have a 1000 watt speaker, but if you use a 50 […]