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Busy Week for EV Repairs

I’m sure this weekend’s Halloween parties will be spooky and Loud. This has been the week for lots of speaker repairs for all the local bars and clubs. In particular, we have reconed many different EV drivers including these EVM12L’s and these really cute EV ND08’s. Happy Halloween to all you goblins and spooks.


Speaker Repair “No No”: What Not To Do

When you recone a speaker you must set the spider and cone level. In our speaker reconing instructions, we advise that you gently turn the spider once it is in place to insure it returns to level.Someone obviously missed the memo while reconing this Electro-Voice EVX180. As you can see the spider is not level. Sunken spider […]


What is Speaker RECONING?

What is Speaker RECONING” Speaker Reconing is the replacement of all the moving parts in the speaker frame. When a speaker is originally made, a frame is attached to a magnet. A voice coil, spider, cone (with surround), tinsel lead, dustcap and, in most cases, gasket is installed.  The magnet is then charged. Speaker Reconing […]