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How Did JBL Get Its Name?

James Bullough Lansing, an obsessed and depressed genius, invented everything he could including his  name.  In Illinois he was born as James Martini in 1902.  At some point he added the middle name Bullough and for some unknown reason, later changed his last name to Lansing. He moved to Salt Lake City, worked as an engineer, […]


4310, 4311, 4312 Studio Monitors

These JBL Series Studio Monitors were made for recording studios and introduced nearfield monitoring (see definition below) which became a huge hit. Their success led to the creation of a consumer version:  L100 Speakers.   4311B: LE25-2 tweeter (no longer available) which can be repaired with D8RLE252, LE5-10 midrange (no longer available) which can be repaired with C8RLE510 […]


Cerwin-Vega Historical Perspective

Cerwin-Vega – From the Beginning In the last 50 years, Cerwin-Vega has grown from a small group of engineers headed by the legendary Gene Czerwinski into one of the foremost loudspeaker companies. Cerwin-Vega speakers have been used by Pro Audio professionals, Hi-Fi enthusiasts and Mobile Audio fans and has earned an almost cult-like devotion of customer […]


What’s Old is New Again

JBL is getting ready to launch the new Everest DD66000. It is well named because of its size. This speaker’s size compares to most speakers as Mt. Everest does to hills. The projected price range is $60-70,000.00. The DD66000 has two 15-inch Aquaplas coated woofers. JBL first used Aquaplas in the 1980’s as a laminate […]