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PRV Audio Dealer and Service Center

We now carry PRV Audio products and we are also an authorized Service Center. This Brazilian company currently has Car and Pro Audio speakers from 4″ to 21″. They also have compression drivers and tweeters and horns. Let us know how we can help you to use these great speakers.    


The Future of Speakers…. not.

On my recent vacation to the Nevada desert for the Burning Man festival, I stumbled upon an Art camp that was literally down the block from my own camp.  Instantly I was drawn to it, seeing that they had erected the largest Tesla coil I have ever witnessed.  I found myself looking forward to nightfall […]


NAMM 2011

The NAMM January 2011 in Orange County CA brought out all the usual musicians, characters, sounds and fun. I’m sharing just a few of those sights (sorry no sounds) from our visit there. There were a lot of old industry friends and quite a lot of new product which will be revealed soon. The Who’s […]