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Speaker Repair “No No”: What Not To Do

When you recone a speaker you must set the spider and cone level. In our speaker reconing instructions, we advise that you gently turn the spider once it is in place to insure it returns to level.Someone obviously missed the memo while reconing this Electro-Voice EVX180. As you can see the spider is not level. Sunken spider […]


Cleaning Debris from Voice Coil

If your speaker makes a scratching or buzzing noise that you can hear when you gently and evenly move the cone up and down, one problem might be dirt in the voice coil gap. There are other things that can also cause a speaker to buzz, but if you have isolated it to dirt in the gap, […]


How To DIY Recone with a Pre-Assembled Kit

Recone Instructions- Preassembled One piece kit Recone Instructions  PDF- printable version To Clean the speaker, use a utility knife and cut the cone and spider (slicing through the pigtails- also known as lead wire or braided wire) near the speaker frame. Remove recone kit assembly. Immediately cover voice coil gap with masking tape. Use utility knife […]


How To Open Cone Throat for Larger Voice Coil

Use voice coil to outline the voice coil opening required on the cone. With a utility blade or exacto knife, cut cone throat to desired size. Smooth and enlarge the opening with the back of thumb nail until voice coil passes smoothly through the opening. If two cones require vc enlargement, use first cone as a template […]


How To Wire Your Speakers in Series

Series Wiring links your speakers together Positive terminal to Negative terminal and the resistances of all the speakers are added together. Series Wiring INCREASES impedance. The mulitplier is the number of speakers and the starting nominal impedance. In other words, two 8 ohm speakers wired in series have an 16 ohm load MOL. Three speakers have a […]