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Busy Week for EV Repairs

I’m sure this weekend’s Halloween parties will be spooky and Loud. This has been the week for lots of speaker repairs for all the local bars and clubs. In particular, we have reconed many different EV drivers including these EVM12L’s and these really cute EV ND08’s. Happy Halloween to all you goblins and spooks.


The Future of Speakers…. not.

On my recent vacation to the Nevada desert for the Burning Man festival, I stumbled upon an Art camp that was literally down the block from my own camp.  Instantly I was drawn to it, seeing that they had erected the largest Tesla coil I have ever witnessed.  I found myself looking forward to nightfall […]


Vox Repair Results

Speaker reconing can turn your sad speakers into happy new sounds. See this Vintage Vox 12″ speaker which has been restored to new through the magic of The Speaker Exchange. We can repair all guitar speakers like this and most other home, pro or PA speakers as well. In addition, we can show you how to […]